The Events Industry


The current events industry alone is worth £58.4bn (three times greater than the agricultural sector) and has been a growing industry for the past 10 years; in the UK alone according to the MPI’s UK Economic Impact study report. “The industry contributes £21.1bn in taxes and is the UK’s 16th biggest employer with 515,423 people” (Hall & Ledger, 2013). This shows that there is a popular demand within the events industry and has potential for growth in the future. From the figures shown, most of the meetings that took place were held in London, the South East and West Midlands. England is now renound for hosting the largest number of events when compared to other places around Europe.

With the events industry being exposed to more and more niche brands being created, the demand for a niche event management service is in demand. And due to the size of the companies, clients are happy to hold more frequent events amongst the niche brands.

Therefore I have devised a survey on the demand for a more specialist approach amongst event management. It is 5 questions to answer and I would appreciate all of my followers support.

Many thanks


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