PETA has written to new Harvey Nichols CEO, Stacey Cartwright, to ask her to reinstate the store’s “long-standing and much-respected no-fur policy”. The store stocked fur last year despite having previously established a policy to exclude all products made with pelts or rare skins.

“I appreciate that it must be a particularly busy time for you in your new post, but please take a few moments to watch this video, narrated by actor Eva Mendes, which highlights the routine cruelty that animals endure at the hands of the immoral fur trade,” the letter reads. “It is estimated that 85 per cent of the world’s fur comes from farms where animals spend their entire lives confined to small, filthy wire cages.”

The letter then describes in graphic, and often distressing, detail the conditions that the organisation has found animals in within “Origin Assured” fur farms in Europe. The letter also criticises former buyer Paula Reed, who left the store last year amid rumours that she breached the anti-fur policy – a claim that was denied by the store at the time.

The letter notes that department stores including Liberty and Selfridges operate a no-fur policy. Harvey Nichols did not respond when we asked for clarification on its current policy on fur.


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