The perception of perfection


“JEAN PAUL GAULTIER has declared that “there is no such thing as the perfect woman”.

I recently posted about the expectations of society and people in the public eye; ‘Kate Moss’ post. Body image has yet again been bought to the attention of our fashion culture and appears to be a diverse subject. It is interesting to acknowledge that such an influential designer like Jean Paul Gaultier has reinforced the fact that ‘there is no such thing as a perfect woman’ and it is opinions such as this that should be freely exposed amongst fashion literature to actually remind those who are heavily influenced by the today’s expectations of ‘perfection’ that in reality there is no such thing.

“What certain people call imperfection is exactly what I find charming and interesting,” said the designer. “I would say there are no perfect women. That’s not at all my area of interest.”

With this in mind, what might Gaultier consider beautiful?

“People with an unusual-looking nose, interesting hair, or a little bit of disharmony – that’s what is interesting and beautiful,” he told French Radio London. “I try to see beauty in places where other people aren’t in the habit of looking. The important thing is to know how to open your eyes.



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