Social Media & Events

Social networking is increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. Spending ten or twenty minutes – sometimes more – on Facebook, Twitter, etc. has become the norm; and not just at home but increasingly at work. Some companies try to fight this tendency by forbidding connections to social media at work. Others have understood the benefit they can get from social networking, especially during internal company events.

Dedicating A Social Network To An Event

This is where a dedicated social network can add real value – from the meeting preparation stage right through the running of the event and the interaction of the participants, to the debriefing at the end. Interaction can be stimulated ahead of the event by “teaser” questions or challenges. The teaser also enables a better understanding of participants’ motivation and expectations and can lead to more productive engagement during the meeting rather than starting cold.

In large companies particularly, the more reserved participants are often submerged by their extrovert colleagues. Yet it’s important to ensure that everyone has a chance to express their opinions and share their ideas. Access to a dedicated social network allows shy people who don’t want to talk in front of everyone to share their ideas via the written network.



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